Computer Clean Up

Computer Clean Up

Computer Clean Up

Computer Clean Up

By Ray Eason
It just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER!Our recent System Update now allows KernBITS to offer you ALOT MORE for ALOT LESS.

Right now, get COMPLETE and TOTAL protection for your Home or Business Computer, Laptop or Tablet absolutely FREE!


Get Complete Computer Clean Up & Total Protection Today!

Web Pages Load Faster than EVER Before!

KernBITS offer you the BEST Virus and Malware Protection

But that’s not all!

We also can help instantly BOOST the SPEED of your Computer and make WEB PAGES LOAD FASTER than ever before!

KernBITS Performance Defense

  • Weekly and Monthly Computer Clean Up
  • Automatically removes Pesky Toolbar Software from your Computer or Laptop
  • Disables Software that can wreak havoc on your System
  • Makes Web Pages load faster than ever before
  • Speed up slow Computers and Internet

(NEW) Toolbar Defense – The Best Just Got Better!

Toolbar Defense Stops and Blocks Annoying Toolbars from hijacking and taking over your Browser instantly!

  • Perfect for your Computer, Laptop and Tablet
  • Automatically disables Browser Toolbars from Slowing Down Your PC
  • Stops Toolbars from draining your Computer System and Performance
  • Disables Toolbars like Alexa, Ask, Bing, SweetPacks, Weather and Yahoo

Did you know that some Toolbars are Malware (Malicious Software)?

Malware can infect, harm or damage you Computer, Laptop or Tablet while stealing your PERSONAL and PRIVATE information.

Don’t leave your Computer System unprotected!

Who else, but KernBITS, can offer you such an AMAZING service for absolutely FREE?

NO ONE CAN – That’s Who!! :)

Get Started Today with KernBITS Performance Defense + Toolbar Defense, Computer Repair and Protection Service.

Sign Up Today and get KERNBITS Computer Repair and Protection Service for 7 whole days absolutely FREE!

* * * * * NO Cost, NO Obligation, NO Risk * * * * *

Don’t Wait. Get Started Today right here

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Stay tuned for more and exciting updates from KernBITS.

Also, don’t forget to check our blog and website every couple of days.

I don’t want you to miss any of the exciting deals and promotions KernBITS is offering.

Thank you for your time and talk to you soon!

Ray Eason
Owner – KernBITS

p: (661) 871-8769
t: (888) 869-8064


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Virus Removal

KernBITS Defense Virus Removal

Virus Removal

Virus Removal

By Ray Eason
KernBITS Defense Computer Repair and Protection



Virus Removal Just Got Better!



Hidee Ho Internet Web Neighbor!



Just wanted to shoot you off a quick email about an EXCITING update.



KernBITS Defense Computer Repair and Protection Service just got better!



A recent System Update allows KernBITS to offer you an even BETTER Computer experience.



We are now able to ENHANCE your Computer, Laptop or Tablets Performance, Security and Protection.



Virus Removal & Protection – It Just Got Better!


Virus Begone… POOF!



KernBITS offer you the BEST in Virus Removal and Malware Protection.



But that’s not all!



We can now:


    • Proactively DETECT and ELIMINATE Computer Infections such as Viruses, Malware and Spyware!


  • INSTANTLY DETECT  and report problematic Virus or Malware Infections on your System.


As soon as your system is Infected or has been compromised, an alert is raised and KernBITS Virus Removal and Malware Defense goes to work.



A QUICK SYSTEM SCAN is run to FIND and ELIMINATE the Infection before any problems or damaged are done to your Computer System or files.



Now that’s fast service!



Who else, but KernBITS, can offer you such an AMAZING service for as low as $9.95/mo?






By the way. Do you have a second Computer, Laptop or Tablet that needs Computer Repair and Protection?



Download and Install KernBITS Defense Virus Removal Today absolutely FREE for 7 whole Days!



Get Started right now!



Stay tuned for more and exciting updates from KernBITS.



Also, don’t forget to check your email every couple of days.



I don’t want you to miss any of the exciting deals and promotions KernBITS is offering.



Thank you for your Business and Support and talk to you soon!



Ray Eason
Owner – KernBITS


p: (661) 871-8769
t: (888) 869-8064



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FBI Virus

FBI Virus Holding You Hostage?

FBI Virus Holding You Hostage?


By Ray Eason
Is the FBI Holding You Hostage?

Has your Computer, Laptop or Tablet been hijacked and taken over by the FBI Virus?

If so, you are not alone.

Thousands of innocent Computer Owners have been infected.

This is a dangerous and malicious Computer Virus which infects your Computer, takes control and claims you must send $450 or more to fix your Computer.

Computer Users are horrified at what seems to be that the FBI is responsible for infecting their Computer Systems and asking for money to “Fix” their broken PC.

The real truth: The FBI has claimed not be the behind the FBI Virus.

Actually, Cyber Terrorist and Attackers across Seas are the real culprits.

NBC Chicago recently released a story about an innocent 17 year old child who fell victim to the FBI Virus while she was looking for Facebook pictures.

The attackers infected her Computer, held it hostage and then demanded $450 to resolve the problem. But that’s not the worse part.

These Cyber Criminals also loaded her Laptop and flashed her screen with horrible images of Child Pornography and took control or her Web Camera.

Then proceeded to take pictures of her as well!

The young girl claims, “The first thing I saw were pictures of naked children…”

The FBI Virus not only infects your Computer but is capable of stealing your Personal Information, such as Banking, Credit Cards, Social Security Number, Private Passwords, log on information and more.

The FBI Virus is malicious, intrusive and dangerous.

So dangerous that FBI Officials are telling people to toss their hard drives away before any more damage or personal information is stolen from your Computer.


Before you throw away your Computer, Laptop, Tablet or hard drive checkout KernBITS FREE Computer Repair and Protection Service!

KernBITS has been helping Computer Owners fight back and reclaim their Computers and Privacy in a snap!

Why waste hundreds or thousands of dollars replacing Computer Hardware and Software or paying Computer Geeks to TRY and fix your computer.

With our FREE Computer Repair and Protection Service 7 Day Trial, we’ll get you back up and running in no time at all.

We’ll help protect You, your Family and Computer Systems from Cyber Attacks and Viruses instantly!

So what are you waiting for?

Visit KernBITS Computer Repair, RIGHT NOW, and get your FREE 7 Day Trial and stop Viruses, Malware and Spyware once and for all!
Get Started Today – For FREE!


Phony “FBI” Virus Holds Computers Hostage


Windows 8 Defender

Windows 8 Defender Antivirus and Security

Windows 8 Defender

Windows 8 Defender

By Ray Eason
Windows 8 Defender: The New Windows 8 Antivirus Security and Protection.

Well say hello and welcome to the NEW Windows 8 and all  NEW Antivirus called Windows 8 Defender. Or is it the New Microsoft Security Essentials? Or BOTH?

DING DING DING! If you picked BOTH then you are right.

Microsoft Windows 8 has a new and improved Windows 8 Defender but its wrapped around Microsoft’s Security Essentials Antivirus/AntiMalware Protection Software (which in my opinion is a great piece of software when you consider its costs… which is free, free and more free).

What is a Computer Virus?
A Computer Virus is a program, on a computer, which can duplicate itself and move from one computer to another.

Kern Business ITS recommends and uses Security Essentials Antivirus as part of our Cloud Speed Boost and Cloud Antivirus Protection Service. If you haven’t already checked it out, then stop right now and go to

Initially, I was concerned that Windows 8 Defender would become problematic when installing other Antivirus Software. But no, no, no. That is simply not the case. Microsoft has done a really good job  with Windows 8 Defender by allowing you to install your own Personal Antivirus Software and automatically disabling Windows Defender. Talk about Ingenious!

How many times have I seen friends, family and customers running 2, 3, 4 or more Antivirus Applications on their computer because they didn’t uninstall or remove the previous versions. You may think that wrapping your computer in 4 layers of cellophane wrapping will help keep your computer safe and protected, which could be true, but then you wont be able to use it, but it also slows down your computer CONSIDERABLY!

So Kudos to Windows 8 for Disabling Windows Defender after another Antivirus Install. Kudos I tell you!

If you are interested in learning more about how to protect your Computer  while breathing new life into your PC or Laptop, then check out KernBITS Cloud Antivirus and Speed Boost. Our Cloud Speed Boost Service can make your Computer run like new, all the time, every time!

Get Free Cloud Antivirus Software withour Cloud Computer Repair and Maintenance for as low as $24/mo. Just visit us online at

For more information on Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows Defender, please check out the following website here.

Look for our next blog on Windows 8 and other neat tips, tricks and solutions for your Computer, Laptop and Tablets. At KernBITS, we’re all about making your COMPUTER life EASIER!

Until next time my Friends,

Ray Eason

KernBITS FREE Computer Repair
Perfect for Home and Business!

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The Business Opportunity

Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8

Bigger, Better, Badder?

Windows 8: Bigger, Better, Badder?

The New Microsoft Windows 8


By Ray Eason
Microsoft Windows 8 is finally here!

Its been a few years since Microsoft released Windows 7 which was a great step up from Windows Vista. Version 8 its a bit different and everyone agrees it does look different.

But what does that mean to you and me? Has Microsoft done it again by changing the way we work and play? Well definitely. That’s what Microsoft does, right? :)

Please post your Comments, Feedback and responses. Even if you haven’t already purchased it I would still love to hear your questions and concerns.

Whats NEW with Microsoft Windows 8?

Check it out Below

P.S. You can get Windows 8 Pro for only $39.99
for more, click here.

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