• FBI Virus

    FBI Virus Holding You Hostage?

    FBI Virus Holding You Hostage?


    By Ray Eason
    Is the FBI Holding You Hostage?

    Has your Computer, Laptop or Tablet been hijacked and taken over by the FBI Virus?

    If so, you are not alone.

    Thousands of innocent Computer Owners have been infected.

    This is a dangerous and malicious Computer Virus which infects your Computer, takes control and claims you must send $450 or more to fix your Computer.

    Computer Users are horrified at what seems to be that the FBI is responsible for infecting their Computer Systems and asking for money to “Fix” their broken PC.

    The real truth: The FBI has claimed not be the behind the FBI Virus.

    Actually, Cyber Terrorist and Attackers across Seas are the real culprits.

    NBC Chicago recently released a story about an innocent 17 year old child who fell victim to the FBI Virus while she was looking for Facebook pictures.

    The attackers infected her Computer, held it hostage and then demanded $450 to resolve the problem. But that’s not the worse part.

    These Cyber Criminals also loaded her Laptop and flashed her screen with horrible images of Child Pornography and took control or her Web Camera.

    Then proceeded to take pictures of her as well!

    The young girl claims, “The first thing I saw were pictures of naked children…”

    The FBI Virus not only infects your Computer but is capable of stealing your Personal Information, such as Banking, Credit Cards, Social Security Number, Private Passwords, log on information and more.

    The FBI Virus is malicious, intrusive and dangerous.

    So dangerous that FBI Officials are telling people to toss their hard drives away before any more damage or personal information is stolen from your Computer.


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    Phony “FBI” Virus Holds Computers Hostage


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