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Latest From The Blog

  • New Google Search Algorithm

    Google Roll’s Out the new Mobile Friendly Update

    Google’s New Search Algorithm Change Favors Mobile Websites!
    So Google has decided to change the game again!
    But this time they are giving search priority to websites which are optimized for Mobile Users.
    Read the original […]

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  • Reboot Windows Safe Mode

    Sometimes you just have problems getting Microsoft Windows to work, right?
    Well the best way to start troubleshooting problems is to boot (or reboot) into Windows Safe Mode.
    Then see if you are still having the problems.
    If the problems go away, it’s […]

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  • Samba4 Domain Controller

    Samba4 Domain Controller Guide(s) Official: Samba4 AD DC HOW TO How to Setup Samba4 Domain Controller Installing RSAT on Windows for AD Management Includes Windows Administration tools for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit Workstations
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  • Computer Repair

    Computer Repair

    Computer Repair Problems

    By Ray Eason
    Do you need Software Uninstalled or Removed from your Desktop PC, Laptop or Tablet?

    Are Computer Pop Ups Driving You Crazy?
    Backup Software Accidentally Installed on Your PC?

    Is Your Browser running like Molasses?

    Has a Bad […]

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  • Computer Backup

    Computer Backup For PC, iPhone, iPad, MAC and Smart Phones!
    Computer Backup
    By Ray Eason
    To Backup or Not To Backup…
    Is there really a Question?
    Has Your Computer, Laptop or Phone been Backed up Today?
    Picture this:
    The year, 2013. You’re sitting on the beach sipping […]

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  • Computer Clean Up

    Computer Clean Up
    Computer Clean Up
    By Ray Eason
    It just keeps getting BETTER and BETTER!Our recent System Update now allows KernBITS to offer you ALOT MORE for ALOT LESS.
    Right now, get COMPLETE and TOTAL protection for your Home or Business Computer, Laptop […]

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  • Virus Removal

    Virus Removal
    Virus Removal Just Got Easier!
    By Ray Eason
    A recent System Update allows KernBITS to offer you an even BETTER Computer experience.
    We are now able to ENHANCE your Computer, Laptop or Tablets Performance, Security and Protection.

    KernBITS offer you the BEST in […]

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  • Windows 8 Start Menu

    Start Menu for Windows 8 is Back!
    Start Menu for Windows 8 Is Back!
    By Ray Eason
    Get the Windows 8 Start Menu for your Computer, Laptop, Desktop or Tablet!
    The Catch: The Start Menu is not part of the Windows 8 Operating System.
    The […]

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  • FBI Virus

    FBI Virus Holding You Hostage?
    By Ray Eason
    Is the FBI Holding You Hostage?
    Has your Computer, Laptop or Tablet been hijacked and taken over by the FBI Virus?
    If so, you are not alone.
    Thousands of innocent Computer Owners have been infected.
    This is […]

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  • Windows 8 Defender

    Windows 8 Defender Antivirus and Security
    Windows 8 Defender
    By Ray Eason
    Windows 8 Defender: The New Windows 8 Antivirus Security and Protection.
    Well say hello and welcome to the NEW Windows 8 and all  NEW Antivirus called Windows 8 Defender. Or is it […]

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